Jens Andersen


My name is Jens Andersen, and I am the founder of Jenno’s Gallery. I am often asked what there is to tell about myself. When I answer, I can see that most people get more surprised by the answer than he or she expected.

The short story is that I am actually a trained roofer. I was born in 1993 and I live in Aulum – and now I am a full-time artist.

The long story probably requires more of a lecture than a website. But, at the age of 18, I ended up with a drug addiction on the streets of Copenhagen. Most of us could probably see how it would go and if I have to be completely honest, I did not expect that 8 years later I would start a gallery in Søndervig and become a full-time artist.

Not everybody is that lucky. Today I am grateful and happy with my life. And I would like to share that joy and happiness with others. And that is why I paint.

I want to create joy.

The day I painted for the first time

When I got clean in March 2018, I did not imagine that a few months later I would stand shirtless in my garden and paint and enjoy life. But that is exactly what happened.

One day, I felt like the walls in my home were missing something. So I bought some brushes, spray paint and canvases. That day I started painting. It was August 3, 2018, and since then, my life has changed dramatically.

In the following years, it has turned into a gallery in Aulum, then in Søndervig, and now a webshop. Today I make a living by being an artist, and because I have created so much misery by selling drugs, taking drugs, and running away to Copenhagen – means that today, it feels very special for me to be able to do something for others and create joy and beauty in their everyday lives.

What does the future hold for Jenno?

After painting over 200 paintings, my goal has slowly changed. Today a lot of my time is also spent going in depth with each individual painting. It often takes a week or more to create a new artwork.

My goal is clear. I would like the paintings to hang in more and more Danish homes, so that the colors can create joy, smiles, humor, conversations and make people curious.

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