Welcome to Jenno’s Gallery

Here at Jenno’s Gallery, you are always welcome. 

My name is Jens Andersen, and I am the artist behind the gallery and behind the paintings, which you can experience here on the website.

You have the opportunity to explore the paintings both from the comfort of your home or you can visit us in the gallery.


Here you can see a selection of previous paintings and creative works, and see a little of the work process when bus sheds, companies, and private homes have replaced the solid-colored walls with vivid colors.

Meet Jens andersen here

My name is Jens Andersen, and I am the artist who started Jenno’s Gallery back in 2018. Here you can read more about my adult life, which actually started out as a homeless drug addict in Copenhagen and ended up in a gallery in Søndervig 8 years later. 

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